D-Series AngLock Vises

Mason Mechanical is a dealer of the full line of Kurt Vises. If you need Quality, Durability and Adaptability in your workholding needs, then Kurt has a solution to fit your application. From Single part holding to Multiple Same Part or Different Parts, Kurt covers all your manual or production machine workholding possibilities.

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Below you will find Our most popular Kurt Vise Line Up, the D-Series AngLock, but if your application requires Unique and Specialized workholding, check out our Extended Kurt Workholding Page for further vise options and configurations.

Kurt D-Series AngLock Vices:

AngLock Vises
Options and Accessories

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AngLock D-Series Vises
General Purpose Workholding

D50 Model Shown

Standard Features
  • AngLock design assure the moveable jaw does not lift.
  • Hardened vise bed.
  • Hardened jaw plates.
  • Semi-Hard steel screw.
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron body.
  • Matching of bed height +-0.001" available at an additional cost for the D30, D40, D50 and D100 vises.
  • Matching of the keyway to the stationary jaw +-0.001" is available at additional cost.
  • Some Models Available in metric version.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
Model Design Purposes
This Model has been Discontinued and is No Longer Available
Recommended for intermediate milling and grinding work. It is an ideal vise for use in matched multiples for holding long parts. With jaw plates in their outside positions, this 4 inch vise has a capacity of 10-5/16 inches. 32 Lbs
This Model has been Discontinued and is No Longer Available
The largest and strongest of the general purpose vises. With 9-3/4 inches of jaw opening, it has the capacity and strength to take on your highest horsepower milling cuts. It's the most precise and rugged 10 inch production vise in the world. 75 Lbs
A 7-1/2 inch jaw opening and new stationary jaw that features and integral key and larger fasteners which reduces deflection by 50%. All this in the same envelope and with the same features that make the AngLock an Industry Standard. 75 Lbs
A Large 8.80 inch jaw opening with a footprint and distance from keyway to stationary the same as the D675. Groove Lock Jaw and Workstop are standard. 20% increase in clamping power over the D675 vise. Has a repeatability within 0.001". 158 Lbs
A large 10" jaw opening, and the largest in its class. Offers greater flexibility in precision part clamping. A very important feature of the D810 is its similarity to the D80 vise. If you already have a D80 vise in your shop, the D810 matches up with the same height and distance of the keyway to the stationary jaw as the D80. 300 Lbs

** = Same size as older D80 Model, but with a 10" jaw opening (33% greater than the D80)

Jaw Opening Dimensional Data

Options & Accessories
For D-Series AngLock Vises
Swivel Base
  • Mounts to all D-Series AngLock Vises (except D100).
  • Allows Positioning in 1 degree increments.
  • Comes in 5 Sizes Depending on Vise:
    • D30-4-SA: Fits D30 (weight: 7 lbs.)
    • D40-4-SA: Fits D40 (weight: 16 lbs.)
    • D50-4-SA: Fits D50 (weight: 20 lbs.)
    • D60-4-SA: Fits D60, D675, D688 (weight: 26 lbs.)
    • D80-4-SA: Fits D80, D810 (weight: 80 lbs.)



Picture shown with Model D688 Vise mounted on D60-4-SA Swivel Base. Combined vise weight with base would be 101 lbs.

Groove Lock Workstop
  • Simple, Functional, Integral workstop system.
  • Workstop does not interfere with part or spindle.
  • Single bolt design for tightening workstop.
  • Multiple parts can be located on the same jaw plate.
  • Available in 4" and 6" Groove Lock jaw plates (Not Reversible)
  • Workstop assembly shown (WSRL46), Extended workstop Assembly also available for use on outside of jaw end (WSRLE46)
AngLock Workstop

Versatile, quick mounting workstops will work above jaws when gang mounting vises and space for a workstop does not exist. These Kurt workstops permit fast, accurate positioning on repetitive work. They team up with your AngLock precision vise for accurate parts production.

  • Available in 4 sizes, depending on your Vise:
    • D30-45: 3"-4" Vises
    • 360PWS: 5"-6" Vises
    • D80WS: 8" Vises
    • D100-45: 10" Vises


AngLock workstop 360PWS shown on D675 Vise

InnerLock Jaw Plates

With the InnerLock Jaw Plates, it takes only 40 seconds to change. By minimizing downtime, the unique reversible feature saves you money on the jaw plates. Each jaw plate can be mounted in two directions, giving you two plates for the price of one.

  • Available for 4", 6" and 8" Vises in the following types:
    • Single Step
    • Double Step
    • Aluminum
    • Semi-Hard Steel (4150)
    • Serrated
    • V-Jaw (hardened & ground)
Torque Handle

The Kurt Torque Handle provides repeatable clamping for small delicate parts. The Torque Handle gives you a precise feel while providing an audible 'click'. The small 10-3/4" overall length will not interfere with most table set ups and the steel construction will give you the versatility and reliability demanded by today's modern machine shops. A set screw allows your Torque Handle to become an integral part of your vise, and by adding a hex extension you can use it on 4" and 8" vises.

  • Four Torque Setting Positions:
    1. 6 Torque Ft Lbs.
    2. 8 Torque Ft Lbs.
    3. 10 Torque Ft Lbs.
    4. 20 Torque Ft Lbs.
Parallel Keeper
Place your parallels in the vise against the jaws. Take the Parallel Keeper, squeeze it together and place it inside the parallels. Release the Parallel Keeper, it will push against the parallels, holding them against the jaws of the vise. It's that simple. Opens to 6". Your new revolutionary labor savor, your "machinist's third hand", is at work, saving part change time.
Vise Screw Hex Extensions
  • Vise screw hex extensions become useful when the vises are mounted on large machines where extending the hex will allow better access, or to extend the handle outside a table guard on your mill, so you do not have to remove the handle during each clamping.
  • Hex extensions will allow a 6" handle to be used on a 4" or 8" Kurt Vise

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