Are You Having Problems Sending an AutoQuote Email?

Some users may receive an EMPTY REFERER error message when sending yourself an AutoQuote of one of our listed machines, if you are using some Firewall software packages. Norton Personl Firewall, will do this. To correct this problem, here are the following steps with sceen captures of each step in order to correct this problem. The Screen Captures shown are from Norton Personal Firewall 2001, but should also be similar to the 2000 version as well. Below is a Screen Shot of a Common Error Message when sending yourself an AutoQuote.

Some AOL users may encounter AutoQuote problems as well. We are currently working on correcting these problems with AOL. If you are using AOL and have problems, simply send us a direct email requesting a copy of a machine quote to:

If you have any difficulties in getting these steps to correct your problem, or if you are using a different Firewall, then you can also simply turn off your firewall software long enough to send the email and get the email confirmation page, telling you that the email has been successfully sent to you. You may then turn your Firewall software back on. To disable most Firewalls, all you need to do is to locate it's small icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (next to your clock), RIGHT CLICK on the icon and choose Disable or Shut Down Firewall.

All of these instructions are assuming you are using a PC running some version of Microsoft Windows.

ENABLING AutoQuote Feature in Norton Personal Firewall (2001)

1. Open up Norton Personal Firewall, by locating the Firewall Icon in your System Tray and LEFT clicking ONCE on it. (icon is next to your clock on your desktop)

2. Norton Personal Firewall will open up a new window containing it's controls. LEFT click on the OPTIONS choice. (if you have more than one Norton system software package installed, for example Norton Anti-Virus, you will be given a choice of programs to pick from, simply choose Norton Personal Firewall, and proceed to step 3).

3. The Norton Personal Firewall Options window will appear. LEFT Click on the ADVANCED button at the bottom of that window.

4. The Norton Personal Firewall Advanced Options window will appear, resembling the picture shown below. LEFT click on the ADD SITE button.

5. The Add Site/Domain window will appear. In the white box enter in . Enter it in as you see it in the picture below, and LEFT click OK.

6. The site will now be included in the large white window shown below. Now simply make the 3 changes shown in the picture (making your options window match what you see below, the web sites listed in the white area may be different on your system).

1. Left Click on to highlight it in blue.

2. LEFT click the small box shown in above picture to put the check in the box.

3. Change the Referer box from what says BLOCK to PERMIT, by LEFT clicking on the small down arrow.

7. Now LEFT click the APPLY button, then the OK button and you are done. Norton Personal Firewall will now allow you to use our Auto-Quote feature error free from now on.

You may now, close the Norton Personal Firewall window that is remaining and send yourself an AutoQuote.

If you have any further problems using our AutoQuote feature, please send us an email explaining the problem you are experiencing as best you can, or to request us to send you a machine quote or any other information you would like.

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