Phase Converters

Do You Have Single Phase Power, But Would Like to Run A Three Phase Machine?

If you are like many people who only have a single phase power source, yet finding yourself needing or wanting three phase power to run heavier, more efficient three phase machine tools, then a Phase Converter may be the answer to your problems.

From simple home or hobby enthusiasts to manufacturing facilities, many places do not have three phase power. Whether you are unable to get three phase power supplied to your needed location, the cost is too expensive, or you simply can't justify the need to have it supplied by the power company due to little use, a Phase Converter can supply you with three phase power from your existing single phase power source.

Know What You Have and What You Need

Many places sell Phase Converters, yet many of them do not have the expertise in properly determining the right kind and size to fit your specific needs. We have extensive knowledge in the types and usages of the different kinds of phase converters available, and have done so for over 30 years. Don't risk buying a Phase Convertor from a place who can't properly determine what your needs are or just want to make a sale. We sell and repair Phase Converters for our customers, and have done so for many years. Let us help you properly determine what type and style of Phase Converter will meet your needs in the long run. Buying from an unknowledgeable source could lead you to paying for a Phase Converter that is far larger than you need or ending up with a Phase Converter that can not handle your needs; possibly leading to damaged equipment. We know the ins and outs of Phase Convertors and can properly determine your needs.

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What Kinds of Phase Converters Are Available?

There are many manufacturers of Phase Converters, of which there are two main styles.

Static Phase Converter

A Static Phase Converter is designed largely for smaller individual machines, which allows you to run a three phase motor on a single phase power source. A Static Phase Converter generally converts your single phase power source to a three phase power source in order to start the three phase motor driving your equipment, then switching back to single phase power to continue driving the motor. This in turn can cause a loss in the actual amount of power the motor will run continuously. Static Phase Convertors are generally designed for lighter-duty work and machinery, at a lower cost than Rotary Phase Converters. Some more heavy-duty Static Phase Converters are designed to maintain a three phase power source to your equipment, but in most situations a Static Phase Converter is designed to power a single machine. A Static Phase Converter is not recommended for machines in which high torque is a requirement or when the machine is expected to work at it's Duty-Cycle rating. Due to the varying styles of motor windings and situations, Static Phase Converters cannot be used on all machines.

Rotary Phase Converter

A Rotary Phase Converter is designed to power larger machinery and higher HP motors, and a single unit can provide a continuous reliable source of three phase power to more than one machine. Rotary Phase Converters are a popular choice for situations where a continuous source of three phase power is needed, and is more cost effective when more than one machine requires three phase power, rather than supplying each machine with its own Static Phase Converter. A Rotary Phase Converter uses it's own motor to generate the third, high leg, of power, as well as passing on the other two legs of power provided by your single phase power source. This in return generates your needed three phase power in a continuous reliable manner which can drive your machine needs. For machines requiring high torque or continuous duty-cycle needs, a Rotary Phase Converter can be your best choice.

We have extensive knowledge in the proper selection and use of Phase Converters and can supply you with the best quality brands available, including:

KAY Industries (PhaseMaster)
and others.

Let us help you properly determine your Phase Converter needs

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In order to properly assist you in determining your needs, the following information will be needed:

  • Type of machine (brand/model also if known)
  • HP of main motor (and other motors if machine has multiple requiring 3 phase power)
  • AMP requirements of motor.
  • Voltage of main motor.
  • Number of Machines requiring 3 phase power (specific info above for each)
  • Other info may be requested also.

Important for the life of your Phase Convertor is for us to be able to properly match your motor's HP and Amperage needs, in order to match the correct Phase Converter for your application.

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